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Luca Crecchi

Luca Crecchi

Innovation Project Manager

Project Management
Innovation Management
Research & Experimental Development
Brand & Marketing Management
Digital Innovation
40 years old
Driving License
Selvatelle (PI) (56030) Italy
Consultant Available
Innovation Project Manager, expert in planning of innovation projects and teacher of business innovation process.
I'm also a professional teacher of Digital Marketing, Innovation Management and Project Management, expert in planning of vocational and in-company education paths.
Expert in Brand and Digital Marketing Management, I'm keen on Digital Innovation, Social Media Marketing and UX Design.
  • As Project Manager, these are the main responsibilities I'm holding in the innovation projects promoted by Stargate Consulting:
  • Planning and supervision of innovation projects, including training activities in Innovation Management and Project Management;
  • Planning and supervision of Innovation Management and Project Management training, relating to R&D, financial, cultural and operational context to European level;
  • Managing all the project phases starting from the handover from Sales to their closure.
  • Customer management with focus on the changes request possibly advanced.
  • Tracking the Job progress considering set cost and milestones.
  • Managing the success criteria advanced by customers, in collaboration with the customer service of my company.
  • Drafting and management of project status reports.
  • Development and managing of vocational education and in-business training projects in R&D, funded by Italian government.